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Alice Ladenburg (artist) & Prof Iain Woodhouse (physicist)


"The energetic activity considered in physics is the emotional activity entertained in life"
— 3 months ago

YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

The Music Trees Make.

— 4 months ago
A young W. H. Auden. grapples between Art and Science

'When Auden was at the Gresham’s School, he once threw his poems into the school pond, declaring that he was done with poetry and that “the human race would be saved by science.” It was a dramatic, school-boy gesture, quickly repented. That same evening he somehow managed to recover the poems and, forgetting about the salvific properties of science, went on writing new ones.'

From the New Criterion

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"I am part of the environmental fact. The environmental fact consists of sets and subsets of variable events. Sets and subsets of the variable event are encountered by chance… I must learn to live with the random event and accept it as an intricate part of the total whole.’"
Stephen Willats, The Random Event, self-published statement, 1962.
— 4 months ago

Karsten Schmidt on Computational Design and questioning What Is Art in the Digital Age. 

‘A computer is just silicone connected to electricity. But that combination is the most mind expanding technology we’ve ever created’

— 5 months ago
Cinema in the Round (2007) →

Artist Mark Lecky on things and stuff and how a 2D experience can become matter in the mind.

'An attempt, by me, to try and grasp a particular experience that I have with certain things in the world. Things that appear as images or pictures, but that somehow, impose on me, a sense of their actual weight, density and volume; of their physical being in the world.’ Mark Leckey 

— 5 months ago
Why Equals? at London Laser / Central Saint Martins

LASER is a series of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience.

Each evening event presents guest speakers from a range of disciplines (artists, scientists, philosophers, historians, inventors, etc), plus a platform for announcements from audience members and an opportunity for discussion and socialising.

Why Equals? will discuss their collaboration and present The Y of Sky, a new project set to document the reciprocal observation between a human being on Earth and a satellite in space.

You can get your free ticket here


— 5 months ago
"Science is about discovering reality. Art is about unveiling it."
— 5 months ago
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